We’re Retiring!


After nearly 30 years in Law Enforcement, and many years of gunsmithing/rifle building, it’s time to ‘PULL THE PLUG!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and supporters that have made us the success we achieved.

We have some inventory left that will be sold at reduced prices. Just click the appropriate TAB, at the top.

We have a few barreled actions that are not allocated in 6.5CM, 260 Rem, .308, and 300WM that are not allocated. If you’re interested, drop us an email.


Thanks again,



Each custom rifle is built using quality materials and quality workmanship, and produced to the same exacting standards. This level of workmanship provides the repeatable accuracy you expect, and gives you the utmost confidence that the rifle will perform to consistent levels when you need it.

As these are built to your specifications, you can select any option you like to fit your needs and budget. Call to discuss your project.

We also stock and sell Parts and Accessories we use in our builds.

Tactical, Target and Hunting Rifles Built to Your Specifications.

SOUTHWEST PRECISION LLC builds precision, tactical, target and hunting rifles, on the Remington 700 and Stiller Custom actions, along with providing upgrades and a complete line of Gunsmithing Services to customer rifles, including:

  • » Action Truing
  • » Barrel Chambering/Replacement
  • » Muzzle Threading
  • » Action Bedding
  • » Trigger Replacement
  • » Bolt Fluting
  • » Barrel Fluting
  • » Extended/Tactical Bolt Knob Installation
  • » Recoil Pad Installation
  • » Cerakote Application


A Few Brands We Work With

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